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Family Civil Registration, Individual Extract of Civil Status, Identity Card, Police Certificate, birth, marriage, divorce, and

death certificates to English

The following documents should be sent to the Embassy:

1. Original document to be translated and a copy

2. Copy of passport (Lebanese or Canadian)

3. $96.00 CAD cash or money order

4. By mail, include a self-addressed stamped, Xpresspost envelope with phone number (to send you back the original documents).


Driver's License Translation:

1. Translation valid for Six months only.

2. Driver's license MUST be valid.

3. Minimum two years of driving experience needed.


For more information please contact directly



The Embassy translates the following documents


Official Translation

Tel. +1 (613)236-5825 Ext. 227



Official Translation

Tel. +1 (613)236-5825 Ext. 231


Email translation@lebanonembassy.ca

Contact us

Phone: +1 (613)236-5825

Fax:      +1 (613)232-1609

Email:    info@lebanonembassy.ca

Embassy Business Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00am - 3:00pm


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